Wall Vase, 2024

Designer Maxime Louis-Courcier collaborates with ceramic artist Camille
Romagnani to create the In Alto Colori series.
The In Alto wall vases are colored to create unique pieces.
The pigments, applied with a brush, blend and overlap, revealing their full
expression during firing. The vase thus becomes a work of art in its own
right, rising up like a wall excrescence offering new perspectives.
The two artists met on high-school benches, trained at Olivier de Serres and
then at ENSCI Les Ateliers, and followed each other down radically different
creative paths. Working together for the first time, the multi-influenced duo
combine technical ingenuity with chromatic sensitivity.

Each piece is handcrafted with love

Uniques Pieces

White earthenware, transparent gloss glaze

Each piece is handcrafted with love

Uniques Pieces
Material : White Earthenware
Dimensions : P220mmxH275mmxL60mm
Removable wall mount

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